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at 2007-05-30 around 10:27 a.m.

Oh dear, it's been way too long. Sorry. But it's been a bit hectic, as I'm sure you can imagine...and of course, I've got one ultra-dramatic delivery story. As if I could do anything with a minimum of drama.

I went in to the hospital three times with contractions; three times they stopped them and sent me home. The third time I tried to tie myself to the bed. They untied me and sent me on my way over my protests that I have done this twice before and I was fairly sure I was in labor seeing as my contractions were under five minutes apart. Yes, they told me, but they are irregular. But under five minutes apart, I insisted. But irregular, they said. But I live almost an hour away, I told them. But too bad, they said as they shoved me out the door. Two hours after I got back home, much of which time I spent in the shower because I was in so much pain (but not labor, oh no) my water broke. In sort of a super-gross, gushing way. Seriously, it was sick. I actually felt it pop. Ew. By that time it was a quarter to ten at night, so of course Lukas and Nickolas were in bed. Paul calmly retrieved the upstairs neighbor to sit with them until the real sitter could get there and shoved me into the car. Three miles into our thirty mile drive to the hospital, I realized we were NOT going to make it there. So of course I started crying because I didn't want to have a baby in my minivan. I wanted drugs and I was pretty sure I didn't have the supplies for an epidural stashed away in any of the handy compartments. Paul, still calm, called the state police and told them he was speeding and why. They sent an ambulance to intercept us, thank goodness. The ambulance took me to the closest hospital, which wasn't the one I was supposed to deliver at but at that point I didn't care. I got there at 10:14 and delivered at 10:15. No drugs. Practically no doctor. She rushed in at the last minute and said, "Baby coming! Now!" (English is not her first language.) So, that is the short version of the birth of Matthew Jacob. He was seven pounds, fifteen ounces and was twenty inches long. He's tiny. And he has a full head of red hair for some reason. Paul says his hair was red when he was little. I will post a picture one of these days. Oh, and did I mention all of this happened on Mother's Day?

I will update again soon, but he's waking up and I imagine he's hungry.

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