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at 2005-02-03 around 4:17 p.m.

Cast of characters:

Me I'm Beth. I'm 26 (eek! how'd that happen?) and I live in Illinois. The username is sarcasm. I'm not supermom. I'm crazy, I'm exhausted, I'm bitchy, and I've been known to wish there was a Tylenol PM safe to give to my kids. That's not super. I can't find a picture of me where I don't look mentally challenged because Nick likes to surprise me with pictures. If and when one is taken, I'll put it here. Otherwise, there are pictures of me here and there in this diary. You can look for them if you're really that curious.

Nick My husband. He infuriates me sometimes, but I love him. Hes the pickiest eater Ive ever met, but the best cook. Hes always trying to make me smile. Hes a year and six days younger than me. In this picture hes trying to hit me with a big ball, and he looks a bit like Vin Diesel. In real life he looks more like Adam Sandler. Not that either one is bad. Theyre both quite good, actually.

Lukas My oldest son, born in October 2001. Hes the brilliant, shy one. Hell be the brains of the operation. He's recovering from a broken leg caused by my dumb ass falling down the stairs. Ill never forgive myself for breaking my baby.

Nickolas My younger son, born in December 2002. Hes the strong sensitive one. (I also sometimes refer to him as the short one because I cant get their names out half the time.) Hes a cuddler. Hell be the one getting them in trouble and expecting Luke to get them out.

DMIL My Demonic Mother In Law. I work with her too. Yay for me.

K. My best friend. She has two kids, Julian and Annabelle. Annabelle was born on my birthday, February 12, 2005. She moved far away from me, and were trying to convince Nick that we should live where she lives. Its not working, and I miss her.

Danielle My coworker/Nicks cousin. The only person I really like at work. We instant message each other all day and we sit ten feet from each other. She went away to college for a while, and I was sad, but now shes back and I have someone to watch The O.C. with again.

J. My high school sweetheart. Died December 28, 1998. I miss him.

Well, Ill add more as I see fit, but mostly, these are the people who get mentioned. I really dont have many friends that live near me anymore. Most people are smart enough to move out of this town.

Kids are:

Last person who pissed me off:

Heard in my house:

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